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"Great guys. Took care of our RV while we were vacationing. Did not take advantage of us. Fair price. Really concerned about our safety. 🚙🚙🚙🚙"

— Google Review

"I have been going to Antich Automotive for the last two years and they have worked on both my 2004 Explorer as well as my 2004 Nissan 350Z. They are a complete automotive services business with the Small-Town touch. (I was born and raised here in Eureka)

Their approach to business is one where they treat every customer as if they are a friend or a family member. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, honestly, diligence, willing to work with you, helpful and positive attitude is seen with every encounter I have had with them.

They have performed many services on both my vehicles, to now include the replacement of my engine on my 350Z. I take my vehicles to them knowing that their thorough approach will ensure my vehicles are in tip top shape from top to bottom, as well as knowing that I will not be billed for services that are not needed.

I would like to personally Thank the entire team at Antich, Mike, Susan, Tosh and the other crew members that I unfortunately cannot remember their names. Jamey Sullivan"

— Google Review

"Great people our car broke down on a trip and we got lucky and found them through AAA. They got us back on the road on a Saturday afternoon for a reasonable amount of money, quickly amd washed the car too. Can't say enough."

— Google Review

"I came to Eureka with a broken brake line and first went to a different auto shop which wont be named. This unnamed shop told me that to be able to get back on the road it would cost me a minimum of $2600 for all of the MANDATORY repairs. I left discouraged thinking that my old truck might be done for.

Upon first arriving to Antich Auto and meeting with the owners who were working that day I got the immediate feeling that I could trust these guys and that they had my best interests in mind. They got my tacoma in right away and had it ready for me to continue on my travels that afternoon. The cost that Antich charged me to FIX my truck was less than what the evaluation/assessment cost me at the other shop.

I would recommend Antich to anyone! These guys are trustworthy, fair priced, talented, and great people. Five and a half stars. Thank you again!"

— Google Review

"Only place to take your rig! They did some work on our Airstream RV in the past. Very happy with that. When our truck wouldn't start at Sears with our brand new dryer in the back ready to head home to Shelter Cove... towed it to Antich on a Friday afternoon. Got us in and had us driving out the next day, a Saturday! Best place in Humboldt for all your vehicle needs!"

— Yelp Review

"What an awesome place with knowledgable techs! I am helping put the Cruzn Eureka car show on, and my beautiful muscle car wouldn't start, so they got me in, same day! And had me all set within a couple hours! My dad also brings his 50's Chevy here, and they always do wonderful work. I am SO thankful for Antich! Devon is great to work with also. Very friendly, exceptional service. I will only take my sweet , heavenly 70' Chevy baby here from now on. Thanks Antich!!!"

— Yelp Review

"Okay let me just start off by saying Susan is AMAiZING we were here on vacation and heard a noise in our truck - she got us in, in the middle of the day fixed our truck and for us back on the road and their prices are GREAT - If I lived here I would only let this shop touch my vehicles .. I CANT THANK THEM ENOUGH FOR SACING OUR VACATION ... We had a bad U Joint and her team were on it - they even washed our truck ? Who does this ?? Now that's customer service ... Thank you from the bottom of my heart ... Next time I'm bringing my car over for them to fix it .. Lol - on a scale from 1-10 I give them a 100 yes ONE HUNDRED ... Wish you guys were in Redding .."

— Yelp Review

"Traveling from out of town, was given Antich as a referral, it was great. Customer service priority for Susan and Kyle, went above and beyond to assist and provide service in an hour, so I was back on the road trip without hassle. Thanks for your help, and prompt service."

— Yelp Review

"While traveling through the Eureka area we experienced a major break down with the suspension system on our RV. We camped in Antich's parking lot for 16 nights while we waited for parts to be shipped. The Thanksgiving weekend contributed to the shipping problems. The staff at Antich went overboard in being supportive and helpful. When the parts arrived, the repairs were quickly made and we were back on the road. Great service and quality work. Thanks Antich for taking care of us."

— Paul Mantz-Powers

"These folks have saved my life, literally, with their generosity of spirit. They stand behind their work, they are warm and cordial, good people with old fashioned integrity and work ethic. They have me as a customer now as long as I own a car. Thank you Susan, Javier, and the entire staff!"

— Melissa Carrau

"I broke down on my road trip to Oregon and took my truck in. Not only were the prices right, the service was great and the staff were incredibly nice. I highly recommend this shop."

— Jennifer Wilcox

"Thank you for keeping in touch with me throughout the repair process and explaining each step to me prior to performing the work required. I will definitely continue to bring my Subaru to this shop! Helpful, fair, and on-time!"

— Jana Hennessy

"Great service! I've had terrible experiences with diesel mechanics in the past but these guys are great. They're honest, nice, smart and fast. Don't go anywhere else in eureka. My school bus conversion that I live in died on me. They were able to fix it in 2 days. Other places that I have used would have taken a week or more. They even worked over the weekend because they knew I would have to pay for a hotel. Can't sing their praises enough."

— Google Review

"This place gives very knowledgeable advice. Prices are what you would expect. Quality parts for those foreign cars. Friendly staff, easy to talk to over the phone. Location is prime and only a few blocks away from 101."

— Google Review

"These people are the absolute bees knees when it comes to auto repairs. I've had my fair share of technicians look at my car and end up leaving it in worse shape with a couple places in Arcata (zip-tying a car part under my car, leaving tools under the hood to clank around) so I had a distrust for mechanics after those experiences.

Brought my car into Antich and they did a thorough rundown and made sure everything was fine and dandy and good for me to hit the road again without any issues. I'd recommend these people to anyone and everyone in Humboldt County.

Y'all kick ass, keep up the great service!"

— Yelp Review

"Amazing, talented, kind, professional, fair and more than anything operate with the highest integrity. My family will never take any our cars elsewhere for service - and yes, service with a smile!"

— Facebook Review

"Being over 3000 miles from regular mechanic I was worried about finding a good place but luckily I happened upon these folks. Very solid service all around, they really went above and beyond. I will definitely be using them again if ever in the area."

— Google Review

"Being over 3000 miles from regular mechanic I was worried about finding a good place but luckily I happened upon these folks. Very solid service all around, they really went above and beyond. I will definitely be using them again if ever in the area."

— Google Review

"Always helpful, great people, reasonably priced, quick workers, experienced friendly staff, quality work. I don't take my car anywhere else for good reason!"

— Yelp Review

"I hard car issues this past Saturday in Arcata. We drove 6 hours the night before to come watch my daughter graduate from Humboldt. The morning of the graduation, the check engine light came on and I had an engine malfunction. Antich Automotive was the only place available for Saturday service. They took care of the issue and we were good to go after making it to my daughters graduation. Very helpful and knowledgable mechanics and staff!"

— Yelp Review

"Great friendly customer service. Very reliable Susan helped me very thoroughly and made my visit quick, easy &non stressul. Thank you Antich Automotive my baby is running beautifully. Sincerely A forever loyal customer"

— Manuel Mills

"I have never been happier with an automotive repair shop. The staff is remarkably kind, knowledgeable, timely, fairly priced and HONEST. Javier literally went through everything I may need done and need done without feeling rushed and made sure I understood what everything meant. I have had horrible experiences in the past and am so relieved to have found a shop I can trust. THANK YOU ANTICH!!!!"

— Desirae Hadley

"Dealing with Antich auto is generally a good experience and the times there are issues they deal with it professionally and try and make it easy on myself or my wife."

— Daniel Roche

"Such great service! My sister and niece drove up from the bay area in February 2014 because my dad was very sick at St. Joseph's. They started having truck problems just as they got into Eureka. Antich got them right in and fixed the problem at a decent price. The owner even gave them his cell phone number so they could reach him after hours to pick up their truck. We had a late afternoon meeting with my dad's cardiologist and they couldn't get away before they closed. I'll always remember your kindness."

— Sue Lindahl Micko

"Fantastic service, fair prices, friendly staff and they keep you informed and stay within their estimates. Very honest! Even called me back after I paid to offer me a credit because they charged for a test that another shop told me I needed, but it ended up that there was nothing wrong. I've went back several times, always happy!"

— Stacey Costa

"Thank's guys. I know Volvos aren't easy. But you guys did a good job making sure things were done properly. Estimates matched what you charged. Cannot complain. ;)"

— Daniel Doud

"Amazing caring team of people! They are sure to take care of their customers and commumity."

— Vanessa Vrtiak

"Great service and great people! Were just traveling through town and they really helped check our problem quickly. Got us back on the road."

— Pat King